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When Is It Time To Help Your Pet Transition?

Pet parenting is great!

There are countless wonderful things to experience and enjoy together…adventures, teaching and learning from each other, laughter, tears, fears and supporting each other through challenges.

Yes indeed...this furry loved one is a best friend and confidant! It's a relationship we will always cherish and in some corner of our heart and mind secretly hope will always BE!

Yet there is the reality that no one really wants to entertain...

Whether through age, disease, illness, accident or another situation, your furry companion’s quality of life declines…and you’re faced with the questions that no pet parent looks forward to…

Is it time? “How do I know when it’s time to help my furry loved one transition?”

Yes, this is one of the toughest (and most courageous) questions to ask.

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this gut-wrenching question and ultimately you, the pet parent, needs to ask within your heart if it’s time.

There are some things you can consider that may help guide you during this time.

  • What's happening for your pet physically?

  • Do you feel your pet is suffering?

  • Perhaps, most importantly, have you asked your pet if they’re ready?

Through communication we can find out if your pet is ready to transition. If your pet is ready, is there something they would like to do before they leave? How would they like to be celebrated?

If your pet isn’t ready, we can ask for a sign that works for both of you that lets you know when your pet is ready.

Some pet parents are afraid they will help them too soon. In my experience, I have never had an animal say they were upset because they were euthanized too soon. Animals aren’t like that. They know the cycle of life and are much less attached than humans to their physical bodies and their experience here.

Again, there is no one answer and no one right answer. It is as individual as the pet and their people.

For more details on how to know when it's time, be sure to watch the video above!


P.S. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to assist your pet, please schedule a Fur Baby Speaks experience! This is where your pet can share with you their wishes and desires and both of you can be supported during this time!


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