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What Is Your FUR BABY 

Thinking? FeelingNeeding?

Let's Find Out...

*The 'FUR BABY SPEAKS' Experience

is also Available for Pets that have Crossed Over.

Is there something that still seems incomplete or unresolved?

Communication with your furry ones on the other side gives the chance to “be” with them again, complete what may have been left unresolved, and bring comfort to your heart.


Scratching your head on issues with your animals...

⁠Wishing you could talk to your pet and understand what they have to say...⁠

Whether the topics/questions are around 'odd' Behaviors that are showing up, 'off' Patterns that continue to be an issue, Health Concerns OR your Connection* to each other...


FUR BABY SPEAKS Communication Experience is for you!⁠

With this experience, you can find out answers to specific questions you have for your pet plus, you will gain valuable input on important decisions concerning their care, well-being & healing.

And, BEST PART...learn what they may want to communicate & share with you as well!

Communicating with your FUR BABY


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What to Ask...

Many clients have asked questions to their animals such as:

-Do you like the food you are eating?

-Are you happy in our home or would you like us to find you a new home?

-What happened to make you nervous, fearful & protective?

-What makes you feel safe (or what do you need to feel safe)?

-Would you like a fur buddy?

-What can we do to show you love/affection in a way that makes you feel loved & happy?

-How do you want us to work with and train you?

-How are you feeling with the other animals and/or people in the house?

-Is there anything you need/want from us?

-Are you in pain? 

-What can we do to help you be more comfortable with what you're going through?

-Do you like your job? Do you want a job? 

NOTE: The questions above are just suggestions.

My past & current clients have asked a myriad of specific, personalized questions that apply to their own issues and circumstances.

What People Are Saying...

about 'FUR BABY SPEAKS' Communication Experiences



What a blessing you are!  You are just effervescent when you connect with guidance and our beloved “fur babies”! 


I cried through your whole conversation with Autumn and at the same time had a smile on my face with love and pride for my baby girl. It is so evident how much you love this work and connecting with them.  I just can’t say enough. You and your work bring joy to my heart. 


Beth is a gifted and sensitive person that can help your loving animal companion heal the physical, mental or emotional body.



I appreciate how well Beth listens and her questions are poignant and clear.


She goes 100% into each session and I feel very valued and cared for. Her work has been 100% accurate and deeply insightful beyond my expectations.


I always receive more than I expected and it has been very helpful information. I can easily recommend Beth to anyone and her pet and human communication is very valuable.


I appreciate her clear wisdom and insight, which has helped me build a stronger bond with my incredible cat.



I love that Beth addresses the pet's needs, wants, and desires and shares that with their caretaker.


She communicates questions & info from the caretaker to the pet plus, does the healing work on the pet on ALL levels - from traumas, fears, perceptions, to physical problems.


Beth's work aids the person & pet to have a better connective relationship and communication.


Beth’s knowledge and ability are a valuable part of how we care for the animals in our home.


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Below is a Sample Session

Fur Baby Speaks Experience
Play Video

How it Works...


Upon payment and scheduling your FUR BABY SPEAKS Experience, you will receive a questionnaire* to fill out.


*Please submit your questionnaire 24 hours prior to the scheduled session and include a photo of your furry baby (please choose a photo that is pet only, no people/or other animals)



The work is done remotely on Zoom with YOU, your animal and myself during your scheduled FUR BABY SPEAKS session. The session will be up to 90 minutes.



Once communication is complete, you will receive a recording of our time together 

and what came through to have for future.

This will be sent up to 48 hours from your scheduled session.

FUR BABY SPEAKS Communication Experience - $195

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The work and information provided by Beth Riedler are intended to support an animal’s health and wellbeing. Beth is not a veterinarian or medical doctor and does not diagnose or offer medical advice (for animals nor their owner). Her work is not meant to be a replacement for veterinary/medical care.

I have read and understood the above statement and agree Beth Riedler is not a veterinarian and that any consultation, treatment or advice will not be construed as veterinary medical advice.

I hereby release and hold harmless Beth Riedler from any and all legal responsibility that results during or following a consultation. As the owner, or agent of the owner, I agree to have this consultation for the animal(s) and by my participation in the consultation, I consent and agree to abide by all the terms of this agreement and release statement.

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