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Meet Beth

Hello Friends!

As an Animal Intuitive and Energy Work Specialist, my mission is to create a world of well-being, one human, one animal at a time.


For over ten years, hundreds of animals (dogs, cats, horses, turtles, guinea pigs, rabbits and more) have trusted me to share their needs, desires, and wisdom with their loved ones.


I’ve also had the privilege of assisting these beautiful beings to improve behavioral issues, heal injuries, and regain energetic balance and overall well-being.


A Little Background...

Before I say more about my work today, I want to share a bit about my life prior to being a animal intuitive. In the late 1990’s, I met my husband and joined him in leading and facilitating courses for the personal development company he’d founded. After his death in 2006, my journey led me to children where I got to assist in New Jersey classrooms and then was part of a team that opened a preschool in the San Diego, CA area.


I was excited that I could continue my love of teaching and learning, this time with children rather than adults. While with the school in San Diego, something from within was nudging me to go to Australia.


I listened and within a couple of months I landed in Australia for a three week adventure knowing only where I’d be for the first four days. As I chatted with new friends, a couple of conversations turned to a curiosity of mine from years before, but forgotten until then.


Do animals communicate with us?

Are we, as humans, able to understand them?

You see, growing up, I cared for the family’s small pets. We had mice, parakeets, turtles, fish, gerbils, hamsters and chinchillas. I talked to them, but had they been talking to me too? It didn’t even occur to me back then that it was possible.


Because we were only allowed to have small pets that could be kept in cages or bowls, I had limited exposure to larger animals such as cats and dogs.  The dogs in the neighborhood were loud and aggressive, and I was extremely afraid of them.  This extreme fear continued well into adulthood.


Then during a trip to Austin, TX where I was attending a weekend seminar, a dog confronted me.  Standing between me and the steps leading to where I needed to go, I stood frozen, not knowing what to do.  Suddenly, I heard a voice from within say, “Get down nose to nose with him.”  This did NOT seem like a good idea, but I followed the inner instruction and put my nose next to the nose of the dog.  The dog gave me a big, wet kiss on the face. I laughed joyfully and was instantly cured of my fear of dogs. It was truly a miracle!

Those memories surfaced during my conversations in Australia and rekindled my curiosity about animal communication. In my heart I felt like it was possible, but was it real?


As if to answer my questions, a book by Marta Williams, an animal communicator in California, was loaned to me. I soaked up the information and the rest of my time in Australia led me from one experience to another providing opportunities to dabble in talking to animals. The final adventure of my trip was attending my first formal animal communication training. After this life-changing course I had no doubt that animals always communicate with us.


The question is, “Are we listening in ways we can understand them?”

That’s how it all began!


Along the way I studied Reiki, other energy work modalities and most recently Medical Intuition, that would assist animal clients’ healing and enhance their well-being.

It’s always been my intention to inspire deeper relationships between humans and their animal companions by being a translator that helps each understand what’s happening with the other. The more I did this and the more I worked with animals on their healing journey,

I discovered something interesting…


I noticed that oftentimes what the animal was experiencing was the same or similar to what their human companions were experiencing. I realized that I could help our animal friends even more by working with their people too. 

I expanded my services to include more options: animals only + pets and their people together. Working together with both has created unique opportunities for a wider range of healing to occur for them and sometimes the entire family! 


As I communicate and work energetically with animals and/or their humans, it opens the door to an even deeper relationship within the family. I’m all for that!


If you are too, let’s discover how I can support specific goals for you and your fur family.






>Behavioral Problems

>Emotional Issues

>Anxiety Problems

>Health Challenges

>Food Issues






Let Your Fur Baby Share:

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