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Sudden Emotional Shifts in Your Fur Baby? Try this!

I was at the dog park with Gibson the other day and observed something that may be helpful to you as pet parents.

Gibson was playing with a few other dogs and one dog’s parent scolded her dog for what she felt was playing a bit too rough. I’m glad for the pet parents that watch and take action to remedy a situation with their pet. This parent’s pet stopped, turned and sat with its back turned toward its parent. Having been reprimanded, the dog’s feelings had been hurt and that’s how she showed it.

Gibson decided to walk off toward the fence and away from the other dogs. I usually like to stay pretty close to him when he roams in the park, so I followed in his direction. At first it looked like he was just taking a break, but he turned around and I could see his demeanor was very different from just a few minutes before. He looked like something was wrong…to the point that I stopped and questioned if he was physically hurt from the roughhousing. His body was fine, but his eyes were looking sort of downcast and dejected. I tuned in a bit more and asked what was happening. What came through was that he had taken on the other dog’s hurt feelings!

Do you remember that our pets can take on the emotions of others? They can absolutely take on the emotions of not just people, but also the emotions of other animals around them!

Once I realized what was happening, I did some simple energy work to clear the emotions he had taken on. That way Gibson could return to playing and having fun!

I share this story with you so you can be on the lookout for these types of sudden shifts and/or changes with your furry loved ones. You know, the ones that leave you wondering “What in the world just happened?”

Well, what can you do when you observe these sudden shifts in your pet?

Here’s what I did! With intention and focus, you can do this too!

  1. I took a few breaths to center myself (bringing any concern or worry to a neutral energy).

  2. Then I imagined love flowing from my heart to Gibson.

  3. I asked my guides and his angels to help clear anything he had taken on that did not belong to him.

  4. I imagined a sacred fire where the energies of what he’d taken on were placed.

  5. Then I asked that the energies in the fire be cleansed and purified and returned as love to where they originated (the other dog and people that were around).

As the process was completed, Gibson got into his “stealth doggy” position, which always makes everyone smile, and is a clear indication he is ready to play with the other dogs. Stealth doggy position is when Gibson crouches down, usually behind a rock, with his eyes peeking over the top. He’s hiding (or thinks he’s hiding) and when a dog comes near, he bolts out and chases them. Sometimes he doesn’t bother hiding behind a rock and does this in the middle of the field thinking no one can see him because he’s made himself inconspicuous (like in this photo).

If your pet has experienced a sudden change due to taking on another’s emotion, and either you don’t feel you’ve successfully gotten it cleared or don’t feel confident doing so, schedule a Fur Baby Speaks experience and I’ll happily assist.


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