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Retreat and Reconnect

I went on an individual retreat to reconnect to myself, Spirit, the animals and nature. As I reflected on my experience I realized there were a group of assistants that showed up to enrich my experience.

A bit more about that…

At the onset, I was certain I was creating this retreat to gain clarity about my business and moving forward. The retreat center has an amazing labyrinth so after settling into the room that would be my sacred space for the next 3 days I headed for the labyrinth. Just before reaching the entrance to the labyrinth a cardinal couple flew in front of me and perched in a nearby bush. It is said that when a cardinal appears in your yard it is a visitor from Heaven. I started crying because I knew my mom and dad (who made their transition earlier this year) were there with me. As I cried, I said, “OK Spirit, I thought I was coming here for clarity, but now it feels like it’s to heal and grieve. I surrender to whatever this is for me!”

Since I no longer had a clue why I was there I had to rely on guidance and listening from within. For a recovering control freak like me this can sometimes be a stretch. Playing with these three assistants (surrender, guidance and listening) opened up space for curiosity and adventure, child-like wonder and imagination to join the party!

The entire time I was curious where guidance would lead me. Sometimes it was to leave a gift for a tree, statue or plant, create an earth ceremony, explore and discover beauty hidden in an out-of-the way grotto where I could feel the presence of fairies, swing like a child or sit on the bench and stare at the clouds in the sky using my imagination to name what they were! I was even told to draw pictures of images I saw in meditation or that would reinforce messages I received from the animals.

It was a grand adventure!

I’m sharing all of this with you because it was a time of resetting and rejuvenating myself ,and my hope is you will feel some of this simply by my describing it to you.

Just as important, I thought about all of my experiences and the assistants that were there to help me, when it dawned on me that these are the same assistants that join me when I work with your furry companions!

Since our furry loved ones don’t always talk in English, my imagination allows me to see, hear and feel what they are telling me and to know that what I’m receiving is true.

I surrender and listen to guidance for what’s happening with your pet (and you) and how to help. I approach each situation with curiosity and the adventure of a treasure hunt for what’s to be discovered.

Our pets are like children full of curiosity and desire to discover and experience life to its fullest! So I meet them where they are and approach them with that same sense of child-like wonder.

Wait! There’s more…

These are also all ways that you can practice connecting and bonding with your furry babies!

Surrender your adult rational mind, listen for your inner guidance that tells you what they want or need (or ask what they want), and then imagine you’ve received the answer from them. Be curious about what you may hear, see or feel. Play with these types of connections and have fun, just like a child!

If you want to know what your furry loved ones have to say, the Fur Baby Speaks experience is a great way to find out!

As an extra's one of the pictures I drew :)


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