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Fireworks and Your Pets

Independence Day is the most traumatic time of the year!

Fireworks displays cause a lot of suffering for animals, be they pets or animals in the wild, children, veterans with PTSD.

Many pets go missing because they freak out and go into flight mode. They get disoriented and can’t find their way home causing despair for their families.

I prefer fireworks go away and that we find new ways to celebrate these types of events that take everyone (including nature) into consideration!

Until then here are some ways to support your pet.

  • Be sure your pet is wearing ID tags even if they’re chipped

  • Leave pets at home rather than taking them to celebrations with you

  • Consider staying home with pets so they’re not alone

  • OR have a friend or pet sitter be with them

  • Noise cancelling headsets for pets may be helpful

  • Try putting Bach Flower essences like Rescue Remedy in their water to calm their nerves

  • There are wraps available that are to help pets feel more secure and reduce anxiety

  • Turn on soothing music to muffle the loud noises outside

  • Close blinds or drapes to block out flashes as fireworks explode

  • Be sure your pet’s safe space is accessible and as soothing as possible

I’m all for finding new ways to create beauty & fun to celebrate. I’d love to hear your ideas!

Be sure to watch the video above!


P.S. If your pet has experienced trauma or you have other questions, my Fur Baby Speaks or Happy Pet, Happy Home experience can help!


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