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Would Your Pet Benefit With A Job?

Have you ever thought about giving your pet a job?

A pet’s well-being includes both physical and mental health, not just one or the other. Even with plenty of physical exercise it’s possible they don't get enough mental stimulation and may end up destructive out of boredom.

Many things help stimulate your pet mentally…puzzle games, searching games (hide and seek), even looking out the window watching what’s happening out there.

These are great and entertain your pet, but a job could change your pet’s whole demeanor, help them build confidence and carry themselves with a sense of pride!


So what jobs may be good for pets?

That varies depending on your pet’s personality, likes and dislikes. Some jobs are simple and are more about mindful stimulation, while others are more advanced, may take them out of the home and are suited for certain types of pets more than others.

Some possible jobs are:

  • Taking care of the house while you’re away. This appeals to them as a responsible protector. They feel the need to keep an eye out and an ear open for unusual happenings.

  • Caring for their fellow animal companions while you’re gone to make sure everyone stays safe and are being kind to each other. This brings out the caretaker in them. It’s also a job you can have each of them do simultaneously.

  • Carry their toys to a designated storage area each day (or after they are finished playing with them throughout the day). This gives them the opportunity to exhibit their intelligence and capability.

  • Show the others how to relax. This may not seem like a big deal, however, it appeals to the teacher in them, not to mention, they actually get to relax on the job.

  • Rodent detection and control manager! This one brings out their hunter abilities.

Funny story about the rodent manager…

I was at home with Gibson, the dog I live with, and noticed him sniffing and scurrying around the sofa in the living room. He was moving from one end to the other, trying to see underneath and between the cushions. I went in to see what was happening and much to my surprise, Gibson was showing me we had a visitor…a vole had joined us in the house! He almost actually caught the vole, but if you don’t know about voles, they are fast, so helping it back to its home outdoors can be a 2 - 3-being job. Gibson knows we are kind to all critters and knew not to catch and kill, but was proud of notifying me and helping me move the vole from its hiding places.


Some jobs that may be appealing and appropriate for your pet that are a bit more advanced are…

  • Therapy pet that helps improve the physical, social, and emotional lives of both animals and people who interact with them regularly.

  • Search and rescue animals that help locate missing persons or even explosives.

  • Carting which can be as simple as carrying small garden tools for you while working in the garden, pulling a small wagon in a parade or as complex as pulling a larger wagon with children or supplies (depending on the type of animal it is). Carting can be controversial for some and I highly recommend that if you are considering carting as a job for your pet that you ask them whether this is something they would be interested in and enjoy.

Including your animal in the decision about possible jobs is important. They can let you know which, if any of the jobs, are something they'd enjoy and be proud of doing…the same considerations we humans appreciate!

If you’d like to connect with your animal companions to explore what job they’d enjoy doing, my Fur Baby Speaks experience can provide those answers!


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