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The Clues for Living a Life of Well-Being (for you & your fur baby!)

Someone asked me the other day, “What does well-being mean?”

We hear the word “well-being” used more and more these days.

What does it mean and how would one know whether they are experiencing well-being or not?

Well-being can have various components, but mostly, for me, it relates to balance and having a healthy life.

Some of the components we can look at, at least for humans, are areas such as:

-Love (Self-love, romantic partner, family)

-Work (Is it fulfilling, financially supportive, meaningful?)

-Friendships (Do I have others I can confide in and/or count on?)

-Spiritual life (What do I have in place that feeds my human spirit and/or Soul?)

Each one of these areas offer clues to if we're living a life of well-being.

Those I've observed who experience well-being seem to have a sense of balance within these different areas of life.


For our fur family, it's similar…Ask yourself questions such as, -Does your furry loved one seem HAPPY? Or, does your fur baby seem stressed, anxious, aggressive, etc.? -Are they PERKY, HEARTY, and FLOURISHING in their environment? Or, do they lack energy or show signs of lethargy? -Are they AWARE of what's happening around them and focusing? Or, are they distracted or inattentive? -What's the QUALITY OF INTERACTION with others (animals, people) and their surroundings? Is there a sense of “let's play together”? Or, is there a “let's play, but on my terms – I'm the boss”? -Are they physically uncomfortable OR in pain preventing them from enjoyment? The answers to these questions hint at whether your pet is experiencing well-being or not.


As I work with an animal and/or their people, we uncover what may be preventing well-being. Together, we work to resolve those issues so they may regain balance in the areas not aligned with well-being. If you'd like to learn more, take a look at my Happy Pet/Happy Home program for you and your fur baby.


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