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SuperPowers of an Animal Communicator

We hear a lot about superpowers these days. We all have them whether we acknowledge them or not. Have you ever stopped to reflect on what your superpowers are and how you use them most often?

What superpowers do animal communicators use?

Every animal communicator has their own set of superpowers…some overlap with other communicators and some are unique to the individual!

Some of my superpowers are Trust, Being an Adorable Dork, Family, Holding Space, Respect and the Courage to Be Imperfect.

My superpowers are front and center as an animal communicator, intuitive and energy worker. Here’s how I use them:


Trust tops the list for me. There are times when the work I do doesn’t have immediate results and/or may look as though nothing is different on the physical level. However, I trust (and have faith) that whatever is in the best interest for all concerned is happening on one or more levels and is where it’s most needed in that moment. There are always results.


Using my superpower of adorable dork, I tell it like it is…according to the animal. What I mean is if your furry loved one’s voice comes through in an expressive or distinct tone of voice, that’s what you hear from me. When they’re laughing, you’ll know that too. Sometimes I even act out what they’re showing me, bringing you more fully into the experience. I love my adorable dork and the element of fun and surprise it adds to our communications!


The concept of family is another superpower I rely on in my profession! Being able to depend on each other is a big deal. With our fur families it’s the same…they depend on us and we’re there when they need us. This may look different from family to family…including pets in decisions, informing them about important things that are happening (i.e. moving or hospital stays), asking crucial questions like determining if it’s time to assist them with their transition or something as simple as, what’s happening that they’re not eating the normal amount? Like family…I’m here for you and your furry loved ones that depend on you!


Holding space is one of my favorite superpowers! Regardless of what the situation is, it is my intention to create a safe space that encourages vulnerability and expressing whatever the other is feeling. This means being present without judgment for both the pet parent and the pet so each feels heard and understood. This loving support opens the door to curiosity and for miracles to occur!


Respect is also a big one for me! It is through respect for each individual and their perspective that we come to understand what’s happening in various situations. Also, respect comes into play by providing all the information that comes through during a session, offering possibilities and then respecting the person’s choice to use the information or not (knowing it is ultimately the pet guardian’s decision). This connects with both trust and holding space knowing that what needs to occur for the highest good of all concerned is happening (even if it may not seem like it on the surface).


The courage to be imperfect is a superpower? Yes, for those of us who can relate to perfectionism, being anything but perfect is really HUGE! I’ve grown into this superpower and continue to play with not needing to be perfect. As I do so it allows me the freedom to try different things like working with both the pet and their pet parent together or perhaps, working with a group of pets all at the same time. I do whatever it is, pay attention to what I liked and what I’d do differently next time and then do it again (or not). This also gives my imagination permission to come out and play even more!

What are your superpowers and how do you use them with your furry loved ones?

Do you want to explore how you use your superpowers with your pets or have other questions for them? Schedule a Fur Baby Speaks experience or do a deep dive into the Happy Pet Happy Home experience!


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