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Connect with Your Fur Baby-Spiritual/Soul Level

Let's strap on our wings and soar to the Spiritual and Soul Levels for connecting and relating with our animal companions!

On the Spiritual Level, we can learn and be taught by our animals about ourselves, life or the world we live on this level, what they reflect to us can be more expansive. In addition to learning about ourselves through their behaviors, our pets can teach us to have fun and play, cooperate with others and be compassionate...all an invitation to living a life of wellbeing!

Perhaps even more important, they can help us open up and get to know our own Soul!


The Soul Level is where the Higher Purpose comes fully into play.

Here, there isn’t anything to learn - nothing to be taught, nothing to learn.

With Soul, everything is already in place...PURE perfection!

So what do our furry loved ones have to do with this?

Oftentimes, they know before we do what we came to this life to do - what our Higher Purpose is! You can think of them as the keepers of our Soul’s Divine Mission!

By communicating with our animals they can give us clues along the way (or even directly tell us)! Do you think it’s an accident that you ended up with this particular furry being? NOT!

Animals are teachers, healers AND they are GUIDES for the Soul!

They are our partners on our life (and Soul) journey and it’s time we recognize them as such!

Our animal companions are helping us on ALL levels, and it is on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels that they teach us what we need to know, what we need to do to master our experiences and what is possible through Love that aligns us with our Higher Purpose on the Soul Level.

All of this is why communication with our animals is VITAL - so you have access to their guidance on ALL levels...but most importantly the Spiritual and Soul levels!


If you’d like to learn more about my work as a liaison between people and pets and how it can assist you in deepening your relationship with your own fur baby...let’s connect. I offer animal communication sessions plus, deeper healing programs with you and your animal.

And, if you enjoyed this video, please share it with others who have furry loved ones so they too can deepen their connections!


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