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Connect with Your Fur Baby-Mental/Emotional Level

What’s happening with your pets may be a reflection

of what’s happening WITHIN you...

not so much what’s happening in your OUTER environment,

but instead what’s happening in your INTERNAL environment.

Our pets are like sponges and take on what’s going on around them.

Have you ever noticed after you watch, listen or read the news how you feel?

Do you feel uplifted or do you experience more of a heavy feeling?

For me it’s a heaviness I feel.

It’s similar for animals. They are highly sensitive, attuned to our thoughts and emotions, and may even take on what others are thinking and feeling!

So, how do you know if your pets are being affected by or have taken on your emotions and/or thoughts?

In their behaviors you may see things such as:

  • Depression - lack of energy or interest in things that were once fun for them

  • Agitation or anxiousness

  • Aggressiveness, lunging

  • Insecurity - cowering or sticking to you like glue

  • No appetite

  • And much more

Sometimes just being consciously aware of what’s happening with you and your pet is enough to move through it.

Other times, you may want the help of a practitioner who provides energy clearing and balancing...bringing back harmony for each of you!


If you’d like to learn more about my work as a liaison between people and pets and how it can assist you in deepening your relationship with your own fur baby...let’s connect. I offer animal communication sessions plus, deeper healing programs with you and your animal.

And, if you enjoyed this video, please share it with others who have furry loved ones so they too can deepen their connections!


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