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It's Not What I Want, But I Can Be Happy!

There is so much for us to learn from animals, be it from our endeared domesticated furry loved ones or animals living in nature. We can learn as individuals and oftentimes the messages are for all of us as a collective.

Here’s a story that has a message for all of us! I feel blessed to have witnessed and learned from it!

Our dog Pax…

loved to chase rabbits, squirrels, opossums, armadillo or for that matter, any critter that dared to come into the yard without his permission. Pax never harmed any of them, he just needed them to know who was in charge. The critters always ran away when Pax barked and chased them.

On this particular day…

Pax was enjoying the outdoors when an armadillo sauntered into the yard. To begin with this was a bit unusual since most armadillos are underground during the day and come out at night. Pax dutifully sounded his warning! Nothing happened…other than the armadillo turning to look at him. Pax made a beeline toward the armadillo.

What happened next left me in awe!

As Pax darted toward the armadillo, it gazed into Pax’s eyes. Pax stopped a couple of feet before reaching the intruder.

In that moment…

I could hear the armadillo say, “Oh, you would like me to leave? It’s not my preference to leave, but it seems as though it’s something important to you. Okay (picture the armadillo shrugging), I can be happy somewhere else.” With that the armadillo turned and ambled away leaving Pax peaceful, content and quiet…except for his simple, “Thank you” in response.

What a wonderful example of co-existing peacefully and giving others what they want (even though it’s not what they’d prefer) in an unattached way!

By either animal, this scenario could have turned into a defensive, “will not back down” conflict with the intention to intimidate the other leading to a win-lose situation. Have you ever seen this happen with humans? I know I have!

By giving Pax what he wanted, the armadillo exhibited such freedom! Isn’t that what we all want…the freedom to be peaceful, happy and content regardless of what others are doing or what they want?

Animals hold such wisdom, and we can learn from them when we slow down enough to take in what they are showing us!

I invite you to do just that…take a few deep breaths and observe, listen and/or feel what the animals have to show you about life!

What lessons have you learned from the animals around you?

Here’s to having preferences and wherever possible, in an unattached way, having the freedom to give others what they want!


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