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Is My Fur Buddy in Pain?

Have you ever wondered if your fur baby is hurting? One of the most frequent requests I receive from pet parents during communication sessions is to find out if their fur baby is in pain. It’s a common concern and rightly so. Animals are masterful at hiding their pain which may leave you, their pet parent, feeling stressed and uncertain.


Good news! I recently came across something I think will help kitty parents tremendously…the Feline Grimace Scale ©. This tool includes a fact sheet and practical visuals to help you spot signs of discomfort in your furry loved one. With clear line drawings and cat photos you get a good idea of what to look for in your own beloved feline friend.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a similar scale for other animals. I found some written checklists, however, without the visual examples they don’t seem as comprehensive. If you know of or stumble upon a grimace-type scale for dogs, horses or other animals, please send it to me and I’ll pass it along so we can all keep our animal pals pain-free and ourselves worry-free.


…And speaking of easing discomfort, remember I’m here for your furry friends with animal communication and energy work.


Let me know how the Feline Grimace Scale © works with your purring prince and princesses (aka whiskered wonders)!


If cats aren’t your fancy (or you simply don’t have a cat as part of your family), do a good deed and share this with those you know that do. You never know whose pet might thank you with a purr or a rub on the leg!


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