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Fun Fall Ideas For You and Your Pet

As Autumn approaches I start thinking about leaves turning beautiful colors, cooler temperatures, cozying up near a fire and being close with loved ones, which, of course, includes those with fur and paws. It’s a great opportunity for some serious (not really serious) bonding with your furry loved ones.

With this in mind, here are a few fun ways to frolic with your furry friends…be aware it could also reduce your own stress levels (woo hoo!).

Do a fun Fall photoshoot with your pets.

The photos can include just your pets or the entire family (or some of each).

Make sure you laugh a lot!

Create artwork with your pet!

It’s pretty easy to do and nice to have the finished piece of art as a keepsake for yourself or give to others as gifts!

  • Dog version - Peanut butter lick painting is a fun way to have your fur buddy paint a creative picture. Here’s a link to a tutorial by

  • Cat version - You’ll want to adapt this activity for your feline friends. You can coax your kitty by using a feather wand or perhaps put some catnip on it and get them to roll around on it.


  • Be sure to use peanut butter that does not have xylitol as an ingredient because it is toxic to them!

  • If your pup cannot have peanut butter or other snacks, this won’t work. Let me know if you come up with an alternative so your pooch can participate in this creative fun!

Make a paw print ornament.

There are kits available online that make this an easy project for the two of you.

With the holidays creeping up on us, any of these ideas could be used to create gifts for family and friends too!

If you’re more interested in play than gift-giving…

Rake up a pile of leaves and play in it with your pet!

If you have a pet that doesn’t go outdoors, consider bringing a few fallen leaves inside for them to enjoy.

These ideas are just a start…let those creative juices flow! What fun activities will you design for you and your pets this Autumn?

Whatever you do, enjoy the change of seasons!


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