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Does Your Pet Soak Up Everything?

Does your pet soak up everything?

For the most part the answer is Yes!

Your pet soaks up the emotions from the people around them. So if they are around people who are sad, depressed or angry they soak it up! The reverse is true too…if they are around genuinely happy people they will soak that up! This is a great incentive to be aware of what you’re feeling at any given moment!

Pets also soak up the energy within their environment. If they are in a place that has a lot of utility wires outside or electronics in the home, your pets soak up the electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted. These electromagnetic frequencies can be detrimental to their health.

Have you ever noticed that dogs are more likely to move away from computers and other electronic devices while cats are attracted to them? What’s that about? Why do cats seem to be attracted? Believe it or not cats actually sit on or near electronics in order to absorb the frequencies! Why? To protect their people from absorbing the potentially harmful frequencies! Knowing this definitely makes it important to notice and help your pets out by regularly clearing their energy!

Here are a couple of ways you can clear their energy.

Ground your pet’s energy regularly! That’s right, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of grounding your pets. Soaking up energy from the environment or from those around them is another reason why you’ll want to make this a daily practice! In case you need a refresher on grounding your pets, here’s the link that shows you how.

Use a selenite crystal wand to clear any blocked energy that may be in your pet’s energy field. With the intention to cleanse their energy field simply move the selenite wand from nose to tail, down the left side of the body, then the right side of the body. Finally, move the wand underneath your pet’s body from front to back. Do this a few times or until you intuitively feel your pet’s energy is cleansed. Selenite is also good for cleansing the energy in rooms and spaces so you may want to consider setting a selenite tower on a shelf or table where electronics are present.

Be sure to use these tips to keep your pet’s energy field squeaky clean!


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