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Who 'Chose' Who...Your FUR Baby or You?

How is the choice made on which pet to bring into the family?

Is it the person who chooses the pet, or is it the pet who chooses the person?

I became more curious about these questions and decided to do a little informal survey of my own. I started asking people the following questions:

-Do you feel you chose your pet or did your pet choose you?

-If it was you, what was it that had you choose this particular pet?

-What were you looking for in a pet?

-Was it a physical attribute?

-Was it something you felt from this pet?


How would you feel if I connected with your pet and asked how they decided on you?

You can find out! This is the work I do--the LIAISON between human and animal to shed light on how and why people come together with their pets + strengthen their bond & togetherness on ALL levels. You can access here for more details.

P.S. Got friends with fur babies? Please feel free to pass on any of the blogs or videos that I am creating!


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