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What is Energy Work Anyway?

Many people ask me about energy work for pets. They want to know how it works and how their pet may benefit from it. Here are a few of the basics that provide a better understanding and can help you explain to others who may ask you the same questions.

What is energy work?

Energy work is a form of healing that involves working with the energy fields in and around the body. The practitioner works within the energetic fields to identify blockages and restore balance to the individual, be it an animal, person and even a plant!

How does it work?

Many who are unfamiliar with the concept of energy work don't understand how something that can't be seen can be a legitimate form of healing. To help understand a bit more clearly, consider radio waves. Radio waves are invisible (just like energetic frequencies) and even though they cannot be seen, they are effective in carrying information that can be heard to an output device, which is very helpful.

What about prayer? Can you see a prayer? Not unless it is written down. But on a piece of paper it's only a bunch of letters strung together. It is the person who says the prayer (intentionally activating the energetic frequencies) that creates the possibility for the prayer to help.

Can it work for my pet?

It can absolutely work for your pets, as well as for you, plants and even things such as buildings, cities and countries!

What makes energy work important?

Have you noticed that mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression have increased causing more imbalance, illness and a general sense of a lack of well-being? This applies to pets and their people!

This is the overarching reason energy work is so important. As stated above, the fact that energy is invisible and therefore not limited by distance or space means anyone (furry or otherwise) can receive healing energy to assist them in regaining a sense of well-being. There is no need to be present in the same room with the energy work practitioner…how convenient is that?

What issues or imbalances can be addressed for my pet with energy work?

Pretty much everything can be addressed with energy work! Here are some of the things I've assisted pet clients (and sometimes their people too) with:

  • separation anxiety and/or emotional turmoil

  • behavioral problems causing conflict in the household

  • situational events like divorce, moving homes, death of a person or furry companion and more

  • fur baby becoming distant or losing interest in previously loved activities or people

  • digestive distress

  • early onset of aging, arthritis and ‘slowing’ down of your furry loved one

  • mood or pattern changes

  • sensitivities and allergies

  • alleviating pain

Life and its circumstances are changing and evolving at warp speed. Taking advantage of energy work is a great way to stay on top of (or get back on top of) balance and well-being. As I said, our furry loved ones are not excluded from this!

What issue is causing imbalance for your furry companion?

Now is a great time to put your fur baby on the road of re-balance and well-being! In my Happy Pet, Happy Home Experience we do this!


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