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Returning the Favor to Your Pet

One of the most amazing things about pets is their ability to clear things from our energy fields to help us restore balance!

Wow...that’s being in service, wouldn’t you say?

What would make our pets want to do this for us? In addition to their love and compassion, the process pretty much happens without conscious thought on our pet’s’s natural for them! ⁠

It is also important to know that what our pets set out to clear for us sometimes ends up getting stuck in their own energy field. There have been times when I’ve communicated with pets and they said, “I want mommy to be happy so I took the sadness away.” ⁠

Again, very benevolent, but unfortunately it can cause some difficulty for the pet.

If the animal is already out of balance itself for completely different reasons (sometimes as little as previously being yelled at or rubbing their nose in the mess they accidentally left on the floor) the emotion they were graciously clearing...sadness in the aforementioned case...can get stuck in their energy field. ⁠

When this happens, unless it’s addressed immediately, the imbalances start to accumulate. You may start to notice your furry loved one isn’t as joyful or vibrant as usual. Maybe they don’t interact as much with other animals like they used to. Perhaps you’re scratching your head, concerned or confused as to what happened, especially since nothing obvious occurred. Understandably so!⁠

There’s good news though!

When our animal companion's energy system takes a hit and goes out of balance, thereby hindering their natural ability to release our emotions from their energy field (and at this point, their own stuff too), you can return the favor and help them get back into balance energetically.⁠


This type of situation is a perfect scenario to provide both animal communication and energy work to help resolve the issues for your pet. Your furry loved one first needs to understand that their pet parents are responsible for their own emotions and feelings and are capable of resolving them in a healthy way. They simply get to enjoy being doted over by their pet parents. We may decide to give them a different type of job so they feel valuable and know they are a contributing family member.

Finally, it’s imperative that your fur baby has the opportunity to release the emotional “stuff” that inadvertently became lodged in their energy fields. This is where energy work is important! Once they release what isn’t theirs, they are free to regain their sense of well-being!

How does that feel? In my experience it brings harmony for your pet and YOU!

Have you noticed or sensed that your furry loved ones have been a bit ‘off’? What I’ve just shared could definitely explain it.

My Happy Pet, Happy Home experience is the program best suited for these types of situations. Working within this energetic container allows more to occur than is possible when working only on the physical level or in a short animal communication session.


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