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Minimize the STRESS of Moving with Your Fur Baby

Moving to a new home is on the top ten list of most stressful life events. There are both logistical and emotional considerations for both us AND our pets!

Before moving day our pets can sense something’s happening that they may not understand. They see closets being sorted and things being given away or thrown out. Boxes are being filled and stacked. They watch with anxiety, not knowing what this all means.

We want moving day to be an exciting time for everyone even though there will most likely be times when the energy is hectic.


Here are some possibilities to help our furry loved ones (and ourselves) with the upcoming changes.

1) Ground yourself and your pet daily (see grounding video on website)

2) Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Our pets can be confused and worried with the unusual activity they see...many things go through their minds.

  • “Where are we going?”

  • “Am I going too or will I be left behind?”

  • “Where will I sleep?”

  • “Why is _________________ so sad?”

  • “Will my friends be there?”

  • “I don’t feel so good.”

Share with them things that will stay the same and some great things that will happen at the new home.

  • All still be together (if that’s what’s happening)

  • Get to bring your toys, have your favorite foods, etc.

  • They will still have their job (if they have a job in the family)

  • New home/yard to explore.

  • Lots of people and new animals to meet and get to know.

  • Nice park for running...

Continually communicating (out loud and through mental images) will go a long way to supporting your family (furry or otherwise) during the transition.

3) Take them with you to the places you are considering and get their input. Otherwise, keep them in the loop by sharing mental images and even photos of the new place.


Tips for Before, During and After Moving Day

(for you & your pet)

  • Acknowledge fluctuating emotions and confide in another person and/or your pet

  • Stick to your pet’s regular routine (feeding, walks, etc.)

  • Help dogs let out their energy - play/run them hard if possible to reduce their stress and anxiety (if you are doing this yourself it may help reduce yours as well)

  • Consider bringing your pets to daycare/spa or to visit a friend on the biggest packing days. Let your pet know in advance that you will do this and why (they can have fun and attention while there’s a lot of activity going on in the house). This way they won’t be shocked by the change in the house (boxes, etc.) when they return home.

  • Remember natural remedies like Rescue Remedy or flower essences for calming (you and your pet)

  • Prepare an easily-accessible 'overnight kit' that has enough dog food, kitty litter, toys and grooming tools to sustain your pet and keep them comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.

  • Plan to spend a few days at home so everyone, human or furry, can acclimate to the new space together.

  • Allow them to sniff around and explore

  • Let your pet choose “their special space” be it where they have their bed or their toys are kept.


If you want assistance getting your pet 'move-ready'... I can support with the transition!

If you'd like to connect via my complimentary consultation, you can schedule directly here. This will give us the opportunity to discuss your pet's specific needs and if this is the right next step for your FUR baby & family:


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