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Holiday 2021 Wishes for YOU!

I’ve invited my adorable dork to share a song with you. It’s my remake of a Christmas song that many people love to hate. LOL! (And, in no way do I want to offend anyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas.) My intention is simply to bring some unexpected FUN…Beth style!

This holiday season I have a few wishes for you!

First, I feel it’s important to acknowledge that this has been another very intense year with many changes – some planned and some unexpected.

…And with gratitude we are still here finding our way!

My first wish is that we all get quiet and recognize how much we’ve experienced this year and give ourselves credit for actually doing better than just OK!

My second wish is that we be deeply present with those around us because we never know when that picture may change.

My third wish is that we become aware that we have the power to make our lives better than however good they are now and that we take actions to do just that!

My final wish is that we express ourselves through FUN and lightness - so let your adorable dorks take over for awhile!

Wishing you, your family and your furry loved ones a FUN, Happy Holiday Season!





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