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The Higher Purpose of Togetherness with our FUR Babies

People ask me ALL the time these two questions...

“So, what does it mean to deepen my connection to my pet?”

“And, is there a higher purpose for us coming together?”


is to connect with those things we haven’t seen, considered, accepted or embraced about our greatness and/or our animal companions’ greatness.

We are connected with our pets on various levels:

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Soul.


PHYSICAL LEVEL: companionship and physical healing

Think about how good it feels to your pet when you stroke their fur.

Do they lean into it to show you how good it feels?

Does it seem to calm them?

How does it feel to you?

Are you more relaxed?


MENTAL & EMOTIONAL LEVELS: energetic healing, clearing and balancing

Emotional trauma, listening to the news or absorbing others’ energy can be enough to cause imbalance in our energy fields. Did you know that our pets, as a service to us, are able to clear our energy fields and help us restore balance? When their energy field takes a hit (sometimes as little as being yelled at or rubbing their nose in the mess they accidentally left on the floor) and goes out of balance, we can help them regain their energetic balance.


SPIRITUAL LEVEL: we can learn and be taught by our animals about ourselves,

life or the world we live in

In addition to learning about ourselves through their behaviors, our pets can teach us to have fun and play, cooperate with others and be compassionate...

all an invitation to living a life of wellbeing!


SOUL LEVEL: where the Higher Purpose comes into play

On the Soul level there is nothing for us to learn

no teaching, no learning!


We deepen our connection with our pets and animal companions by relating to them on all these levels.




P.S. Want to explore this deeper connection with your own fur baby?

This is the work I do...

the liaison between human and animal to strengthen this bond

of purpose & togetherness on ALL levels.

You can access here for more details.

P.S.S. Got friends with fur babies?

Please feel free to pass on any of the blogs or videos that I am creating!


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