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Have You Been Rescued?

Welcome Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Welcome Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere!

Just as the seasons change, we also change…sometimes it is a change that we’re consciously aware of as it’s happening and sometimes it sort of sneaks up on us and it’s hindsight that shows us what occurred. Regardless of how your change occurs, I hope you’ll embrace and celebrate that part of your journey!

I’ve experienced many changes in my life due to being with a pet and/or animals out in the wild. You probably know my story about the miracle Pax brought to me (if not, here’s where it is on my website). That’s probably the biggest one for me. There’s also Penelope who provided loving companionship and support after my husband’s death. She helped me through the first crucial part of that massive life change. Currently Gibson is helping me change to become more present and to take care of myself by getting outdoors and exercising (both of which I let go of over the last couple of years). I am grateful for the changes my beautiful animal friends bring me.

A friend sent me a YouTube video from Mutual Rescue™ Stories, that is a great example of making changes with an animal companion right by your side and the life-saving difference it can make. I am sharing this video for you to enjoy and to warm your heart regardless of whether you are moving into Spring or Autumn.

If you loved this story from Mutual Rescue™ feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel where there are plenty more inspiring stories!

Whether or not you came together with your furry loved one through an animal shelter or another way, did they “rescue” you? If so, I’d love to hear your story!

Also, remember you can schedule a Discovery Session to determine how we can best work together!


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