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What's Stressin' Out Your Fur Baby?

Regardless of what is presenting itself with the is 99% of the time related either directly or indirectly to STRESS.

Pretty bold statement, wouldn’t you say?

And, this can be STRESS happening with the animal or in many cases STRESS happening within the environment or with YOU.

It’s important to look at what’s happening on all levels in order to achieve a long-lasting effect for the pet and everyone in the home.

The goal is a harmonious household where there’s a sense of balance and well-being for both people and pets. But there are some things that disrupt that harmony such as:

  • excessive barking

  • refusal to eat (or overeating)

  • nipping or biting

  • Insecurity

  • Crying

  • Peeing

  • loss of affection/isolating

These behaviors may seem unrelated to anyone but the animal...however, diving deeper allows us to get at what’s underlying these sorts of behaviors and that’s where the GOLD can be found! To get to that gold, it’s necessary to work more deeply with the animal and You!


My 'Happy Pet, Happy Home' Program is just that experience!

Working within this experience, I go much deeper with your animal on all levels (physical, emotional, mental spiritual) to find the root cause of the stress or chaos PLUS, energetically clear the blocks of any issue, situation or circumstance that is revealing itself with the animal, in the home or with the family.

You can check out all the details, what's included and how it works here.

If you'd like to connect via my complimentary consultation, you can schedule directly here. This will give us the opportunity to discuss your pet's specific needs and if this is the right next step for your FUR baby & family:)


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