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I come across many great people who do and offer so much to enhance you and your animal companion’s life providing a deeper connection and sense of well-being for the entire family.

My Expert Series brings in experts to support you in your role as pet parent! These individuals are personally selected by me as those whose expertise, experience and wisdom will complement the relationship between you and your furry loved ones. Check them out below!


PART 4: How rocks, crystals, geodes, minerals and fossils help connect us more deeply with our animals with Michal Mael, the Queen of Rocks

In this episode of our Expert Series, we dig up a treasure chest full of information on using crystals to support our animal companions!

We talk about:

-How natural it is for animals to accept the energy of crystals

-Where/how to place the crystals to be most beneficial for our fur babies

-Which crystals are good to keep on hand

-How to clear your crystals

-Plus, we get very specific about which crystals to choose for different issues

Michal, who's been in the business of semi-precious stones since the age of 10, is the CEO of Michal & Company + an author, speaker and mom of twins.

To connect with Michal, visit:


PART 3: How to use essential oils safely with your fur babies with Maya Naik

Some of the things Maya brings out during our chat includes:

  • A list of essential oils that you DO NOT want to use for your fur babies

  • Essential oils that are SAFE to use with your fur babies

  • What to look for in HIGH GRADE essential oils

  • A special consideration for those with cats and WHY it’s important

  • What TO DO and NOT TO DO when working with essential oils around your pet

  • What to WATCH for once you’ve used essential oils around your animal companion

  • The difference between essential OILS vs. flower ESSENCES and when to use which

Maya Naik is passionate and curious about all things health and healing related for more than 35 years. She sees herself an intuitive student of life with extensive background in nutrition and alternative healing.

Connect with Maya here.


PART 2: The effects of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) on you and your pet with D'Anna Robinson

Here are just a few of the pearls brought to the surface of this deep dive:

  • Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are invisible and we may be missing their effect

  • Radiation affecting us and our pets is coming from some surprising sources in and around our homes

  • Indicators and what you might see that could suggest EMFs are having an affect

  • Advancing technologies will increase the amount of dirty energy and toxic radiation (it’s not going away) so we need to pay attention

There are several solutions that help remediate and harmonize the EMFs that wreak havoc for people and their pets.

D’Anna Robinson, the EMF Gal, is a Certified EMF Specialist through EMF Solutions. In addition, she has been a Feng Shui Consultant for over 20 years. She specializes in remediating homes and businesses through EMF Radiation Solutions + Products to bring the power of transformation to your external environment and your internal self.

To connect with D'Anna, visit:


Part 1: Deepening our bond and closeness with our furry babies through spiritual practice with Christiana Donovan

Some of the gems include:

  • Our animal companions as part of our spiritual practice and professional work

  • Opening up the space for the possibility for our animal companions to join us

  • How to invite them to participate

  • The need for mutual respect for wishes and desires

  • Just how intensely powerful it can be when they join us

Christiana Donovan has over 30 years combined experience as a meditation and yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and instructor, body worker and fitness facilitator.

To connect with Christiana, visit:


Please let me know your own experiences and how they affect you!




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