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Communication Styles between You & Your Fur Baby

Our pet’s and animal companions’ are constantly showing us things about our lives and ourselves. (and, even teach us!)

The more we consider our pets’ and animal companions’ needs...

the more important communicating with them becomes.

And, the more communication between each other...

the DEEPER your bond can be.



What you want to know from your pet:


Are you happy?

Is there anything we can do to make your life better?

Are you in pain?

Are you ready to make your transition?


What our pets want to know from us:


Is there going to be a change in the family?

Are we moving?

Is my person or fur buddy going to be making their transition soon?

Are you going away for awhile (school, hospital, vacation)?

Is this my forever home?


What our pets want us to know about them:


They know much more than we think they know.

They often have messages for us.

They have a purpose.


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