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A Tale of Love Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

It’s a great time to acknowledge the profound, loving bond and connection that continues once our furry loved ones cross the rainbow bridge!

The pawprints they leave on our hearts serve as a testament to the enduring nature of their affection, reminding us that love knows no boundaries, even after they are no longer physically present.

With permission, I’m sharing a story a client recently shared with me. This experience helps her continue to know her furry family members are nearby.

Whispers of Balsom: A Holiday Tale of Love Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Julie and Angie, her beloved cat, shared precious bonding moments each year as they decorated for the holidays. Earlier that year, Angie crossed the rainbow bridge and the joyous tradition felt heavy for Julie. Facing the prospect of decorating without her furry friend, Julie wondered how she would navigate the festive season.

As Thanksgiving approached, Julie adorned her home, feeling the absence of Angie keenly. She couldn’t help wondering if Angie's spirit was nearby enjoying the tradition once again (just differently this year). In early December, a bout of Covid left Julie without her sense of smell and taste. This loss was particularly disheartening for Julie because she loved the scents of fresh balsam fir, peppermint, and the myriad fragrances (which everyone could smell but her) that define the holiday season.

Despite battling through the holidays with lingering Covid symptoms, Julie persevered. Just before Christmas she was finally cleared to venture out again so Julie made her way to the pharmacy.

While driving to the store, an unexpected aromatic surprise filled Julie's car—an unmistakable scent of balsam fir, the very scent she loved so much! Perplexed, she realized it wasn't a product or residue in her car; it was Angie, communicating with her from beyond! A reassuring realization dawned on her, and Julie chuckled, for her mischievous fur buddy was declaring, "Here I am! I am right here with you!"

Upon reaching the store, standing near the pharmacy, Julie, once again, picked up the scent of balsam fir. Behind her mask, Julie laughed again, knowing who it was, grateful for the unexpected connection to Angie, who, in her own way, continued to be a part of not only the holidays, but also her life!

Do your pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge show up and let you know they are nearby? What happened?


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