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How Strong is the Bond with Your Pet?

How strong is your relationship with your animal companion?

Think about that bond for a moment. Is it like Super Glue where once it’s set it cannot be broken? Is it more like Elmer’s Glue where it holds up well under optimal conditions? Or is it more like the glue on Post-It notes where it’s somewhat temporary and easily moved from here to there perhaps on a whim (I doubt anyone reading these words are in this category)?

I’ll loosely define these bonds a bit more…

Super Glue would be the one where you and your furry loved one work as a cohesive unit. You really know and “get” each other. This doesn’t mean that you will 100% of the time know exactly what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing (you may even make a mistake). It does mean that you are devoted to living collaboratively with your beloved animal companion on all levels - physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This could look like involving them in decisions (especially those that affect them), gaining their perspective and exploring new ideas or concepts, listening to what they have to teach you about life, etc. The relationship bond is fully aligned and respectful of each other.

Elmer’s Glue would be the one that takes the animal into consideration up to a point. Here the pet parent may decide to communicate with their fur family member if they (and or their vet) cannot determine what’s happening. So going beyond what may be happening physically when there are unanswered questions or mysterious circumstances arise.

The Post-It notes bond would be bringing a pet into the home perhaps because it's cute or to fill a void. When this cute animal starts peeing outside of the designated area, or it scratches, or tears things up, etc. it becomes inconvenient and the animal is brought back to a shelter or abandoned. There is no consideration (or toleration) of what may be underlying the behaviors.

What level of bond do you want with your furry loved one?

In a personal growth course I used to facilitate, we asked the question “Is it strong enough to withstand a hurricane or will it topple with a 10 mph wind (it being whatever we were working with - relationship, commitment, determination, etc.)?”

Well, here are some tips that can help strengthen your bond with your furry loved one. It is by no means a complete list (you get to create and add your own 🙂).

Recognize and know your furry loved ones are intelligent sentient beings.

This is key to having a strong bond and understanding between the two of you.

The capacity of animals to think, feel and experience emotions is really something not to be underestimated. Showing your pet this respect, as well as engaging them in stimulating activities actually honors their intelligence.

Be curious to hear their perspective on what’s happening (for them and others).

Being curious can help build an understanding of how the world looks from their point-of-view. By listening to your furry loved ones you may be able to better comprehend what they are thinking, seeing and feeling. Simply being willing to take the time to consider their perspective goes a long way to creating a more compassionate and understanding relationship between you and your pet.

Ask your animal companion’s input on things that affect them.

This is easy to overlook if you’re wrapped up in the excitement of or needing to make a big decision, however, it can often save time and reduce stress caused by indecisiveness or wanting to make the right decision (of course this does not apply to life and death, time is of the essence situations).

A few examples of obtaining your animal companions' input are if you're thinking about bringing a new pet into the home, or who will care for them when you travel, or even something as big as do they want to have a particular surgery (explaining the implications of both).

Allow them to be your teacher - receive the gift of their guidance.

This can be a truly rewarding experience for both you and your furry loved one. There are so many things pets can teach about patience, understanding, unconditional love and so much more!

Trust that their inner guidance system can keep you from harm's way.

Animals are incredibly intuitive and often have the ability to sense danger before it presents itself. They can alert you to potential risks and steer you away from danger. By paying attention to your pet's behavior, you can be more aware of potential risks and use their advice to keep you safe.

As I said, these are just a few ways to strengthen your relationship bond with your fur family.

If you're looking to cultivate a Super Glue bond with your animal companions, Happy Pet, Happy Home is the experience for you! If you simply want to communicate with your fur family you’ll want the Fur Baby Speaks experience. Either way it’s a win for all of you!


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